We are the authorized sales distributer of BIRD-X INC, based in Chicago, USA. We supply Bird-X products in India as well as in South Asia. We have been successfully supplying our products in various Govt. Sector, PSU, corporate houses, and food processing establishments. We are widely known to provide our products to hotels, hospitals, Pest Management companies, Bird Management Professionals and other commercial establishments, in India as well as South Asia. We also represent various international brands of Bird Pest Management products. These product and devices, we sell here, are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and pesticide free. The best part about our products is that they all are environment friendly, pollution free & easy to use in Residential & Commercial establishments. Our basic principal is – “We do NOT KILL. We just REPEL”. We provide Bird-X INC (USA) Products in India & South Asia. We represent BIRD-X INC in INDIA, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH, NEPAL, BHUTAN, SAUDI ARABIA, and AFGANISTAN.


The Sonic Bird Repellent System is an electronic transmitters of low frequency sounds which are digitally recorded and  play back sound of Natural Bird Predators like Hawks, Owl, Eagles and others. They do not cause any harm to the human ears as these sonic sounds are below the 15 KHz. It emits intensive sound at high decibel levels (sound pressure) that is audible and effective to the birds. The birds will leave the area being protected by the Sonic Sound. They do not get killed, they only repelled from the sonic zone.       The powerful sound waves generated by the Sonic Bird Control Systems & Devices are through inbuilt and attachable powerful speakers. These are within the hearing range of many birds which cause them pain and discomfort. Sometimes they will leave the area being protected immediately. But in other cases it can take as long as two to three weeks before significant reduction in infestation occurred.The Bird-X products are effective in repelling larger pests such as pigeons, gulls, sparrows, crowsand others.These lower frequency sounds are effective in protecting larger areas.


Ultrasonic BIRD Repellent Systems are electronic transmitters of high frequency sounds which are above the 15 KHz, out of the range of human ear. They emit intensive sounds at high decibel levels (sound pressure) that is audible and agonizing to Bird Pest but is negligibly audible and harmless completely to humans. These ultrasounds will protect the areas from the birds as they tend to leave the protected areas. They are not killed or slaughtered, they are only repelled.       The powerful sound waves generated by the transducers /Speakers of birdrepellent system are within the hearing range of many bird pests and causes discomfort. Mostly, they leave the area instantly. But, in some cases, it might take two or three weeks for Bird-X products to come in affect. Ultrasonic sounds, (sounds above 15000 Hz), are nearly silent / less audible to humans and most animals. Ultrasound cannot travel through walls or closed doors. The signals bounce off these hard surfaces causing a ricochet effect. Ultrasonic sounds are absorbed by soft materials such as curtains, furniture and carpet, which in turn diminishes the effectiveness of the unit. Shadow areas may occur around corners or behind home furnishings. BIRD-X’sRepellent System units are mostly designed for indoor use. If used outdoors they should be protected from the weather. Their outdoor use is limited because there are fewer possibilities for reflection of the ultrasound and many things that will absorb dampen sound. HOW IT WORKS: – Bird are repelled because they cannot adapt to the constantly changing array of sonic or ultrasonic sound/ signals emitted by the Bird-X’s repellent system. Our repellent system disrupts the pest’s nervous systems, effecting their feeding and communication habits, forcing them to leave the area. The unit is safe for use around humans, unborn children and pets such as dogs, cats, and reptiles. GUARANTEE: – All electronic Bird Repellent devices covered under a warrantee of 6 months from the date of purchase by the user against defects in materials or workmanship. If any customer wants an extended warrantee for said products, bird-X provide 24 months extended warrantee at extra cost as per terms condition of BIRD-X INC (USA).


Birds carry more than 60 transmissible diseases, some of which are relatively pernicious.  We do NOT KILL. We just REPEL.

When someone enters a contaminated room or faecal dust residing areas, they start breathing fungal spores, which results in infection and epidemic.

As leading bird-scaring devices suppliers, we’re constantly using state-of-the-art technology to develop the most effective and humane pest solutions.

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